Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Year In Review

In celebration of PP's birthday, here's a brief-ish list of what I would consider the best posts in the history of the site, in the order that they were published. After each link, I'll try to offer up a brief analysis of my reaction after re-reading the post. I'm going to assume that no one reading this right now except for Alex is very familiar at all with my earlier work, when I was toiling away in the land of 3 hits per day.

  • The Trials and Tribulations of Yi Jianlian: In which I watch a couple summer league games and try to make coherent deductions from them. I have since learned that this type of analysis is very very flawed. However, I stick by my defense of most of the criticisms against Yi and revisit them here.

  • Andrew and the Bling: In which I respond to Andrew Bogut's contention that NBA players are basically really dumb. However, looking back on this I since have changed my opinion about the lasting wealth of NBA players, and hope to go into that in more detail later.

  • 756*: In which I become the devil's advocate and make an argument in support of steroids. I've never been a "fan" of steroids by any means, but I think in writing this post, I thought the reasons for which they were stigmatized were faulty. Also, this marks date that I coined the name, Barold Lamarcus Bonds (this isn't his real name).

  • Blogger Ethics: Part 1 and 2: In which I call out Leitch and then subsequently back off my comments. I still am not entirely sure of how I feel about the issue, but I will back one point I made in Part 1, when I said that bloggers were not journalists. I've seen the work of countless bloggers since I made that comment (January) that go above and beyond what I'd expect from "journalists".

  • One word: Socks: In which I make the claim that Gerald Green deserved it the Dunk Contest than Dwight Howard. I stand by everything that I said here. I still don't understand the appeal of the Superman dunk. I mean we all claim to want originality, but every gives a 50 to the most over-produced dunk contest slam ever. I mean come on, Brent Barry dunked from farther away.

    Note that the concentration of what I consider my best posts has significantly diminished over time. Do I think that I was a better blogger then than I am now? Probably not, but there were several philosophical changes I made, the foremost being the decision not to write 10,000 word posts anymore.


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    Get back to posting 1000000 word posts now!