Thursday, October 30, 2008

Belated 2008-2009 Prediction Post

Photo by Flickr user gandhiji40 used under a Creative Commons license.

Now that the season is underway and I'm back to blogging, I thoguht it would be apt to throw one of these bad boys up. Let's see how wrong I am. (Note: I did not check that the league as a whole finishes at .500. Please do not send me angry e-mails saying that I don't know math.)


  • 1. Boston Celtics (57-25)
  • 2. Cleveland Cavaliers (52-30)
  • 3. Toronto Raptors (50-32)
  • 4. Orlando Magic (48-34)
  • 5. Detroit Pistons (49-33)
  • 6. Philadelphia Sixers (45-37)
  • 7. Miami Heat (41-41)
  • 8. Atlanta Hawks (39-43)
  • 9. Washington Wizards (37-45)
  • 10. Indiana Pacers (37-45)
  • 11. Chicago Bulls (36-46)
  • 12. New Jersey Nets (33-49)
  • 13. Charlotte Bobcats (32-50)
  • 14. New York Knicks (30-52)
  • 15. Milwaukee Bucks (27-55)


  • 1. Los Angeles Lakers (63-19)
  • 2. New Orleans Hornets (55-27)
  • 3. Utah Jazz (54-28)
  • 4. Houston Rockets (52-30)
  • 5. San Antonio Spurs (51-31)
  • 6. Dallas Mavericks (46-36)
  • 7. Portland Trailblazers (45-37)
  • 8. Denver Nuggets (42-40)
  • 9. Phoenix Suns (41-41)
  • 10. Los Angeles Clippers (38-44)
  • 11. Sacramento Kings (38-44)
  • 12. Minnesota Timberwolves (32-50)
  • 13. Golden State Warriors (30-52)
  • 14. Oklahoma City Thunder (28-54)
  • 15. Memphis Grizzlies (23-59)

    I'm not going to explain most of my picks, but you can note that I have Toronto higher than most people. This is because JO and Bosh complement each other perfectly and Calderon is one of the most efficient point guard's in the league. Nay-sayers will note that second unit players are often the beneficiary of lessened competition, but Calderon's stats improved when TJ Ford was out in previous seasons, so there isn't evidence that they'll decline in a starting role this year. As for the Suns missing the playoffs, they've completely lost their identity as the Run-and-Gun Suns with the acquisition of the Big Cactus and new Coach Terry Porter. Other notes, the Lakers looks unstoppable, Blazers look just OK, Bulls are intriguing. Clippers and Hawks face-off for the title of best collection of fantasy players on a mediocre at best team IRL.

    Other Picks:

    League MVP: Chris Paul (Voters love the assists, see: Steve Nash).
    ROY: Derrick Rose looks like he could be something else.
    MIP: Ty Thomas is going to make Chicago breathe a sigh of relief that they aren't in another Ty Chandler situation.
    DPOY: Ron Artest, because Shane Battier never gets any credit.
    6MOY: Lamar Odom, with Manu out, the title is up for grabs.
    COY: Sam Mitchell, because I picked the Raptors to outperform expectations and the team that does that usually wins this award.
    Exec. OY: Daryl Morey and Co. Because of this and this and this.