Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NBA Picks 11/13

Yesterday's picks: 3-0

Undefeated day is only slightly marred by the fact that all the games (except my featured one) were blow outs.

Today's games:

  • BOSTON at Indiana
  • Seattle at ORLANDO
  • Miami at CHARLOTTE
  • Houston at MEMPHIS
  • Philadelphia at DALLAS
  • New York at PHOENIX
  • DETROIT at Portland

  • Featured game: LA Lakers at San Antonio

    Kobe has established himself throughout his career as a player with a killer instinct. He is the type of player who, for all his off-the-court troubles, will do everything in his power to ensure that his team wins the game. He has already shown this a few times this year, carrying his team to wins against seemingly better competition (vs. Utah, vs. Phoenix). However, the Spurs are a hard team to do that against. Manu Ginobili, coming off the bench, is liable to take apart the Laker's second unit (as he does to every team). The Spurs are not the type of team that you enjoy playing against (such as, for example, the Phoenix Suns) who will let you get into a groove. They will make you play every point until you hate the game and we hate watching it, and then they will torch you for it.
    Winner: SAN ANTONIO